AFK-Assistant: Remote access

Step by step instructions on how to setup and use AFK-Assistant remotely.

AFK-Assistant Remote: What's new?

AFK-Assistant Remote comes with a new set of features that all power users will appreciate.

This new version includes:

  • All AFK-Assistant 2.0 edition features
  • Remote access via browser or via AFK-Assistant android app
  • Starting/stopping AFK-Assistant features remotely
  • Starting/stopping time tracking software remotely

This is a step by step guide on how to install and use AFK-Assistant Remote features.
Let’s jump right in.

Step 1. Download AFK-Assistant Remote and get your license key

First, create a new order for this product by visiting our pricing page, or by directly adding AFK-Assistant Remote to the cart.
Same as all previous editions, this version also comes with a 14 days free trial period and with $0 initial checkout fees.

NOTE: If you are currently using AFK-Assistant products, you can get this upgrade for free by contactng us at any time.

After your payment details are successfully confirmed, you will be redirected to the purchase confirmation page.
From here, you will get access to the AFK-Assistant Remote product download as well as your license key.

If, however, you experience any issue with product download, you can also download AFK-Assistant Remote edition from All Downloads page.
Your license key and purchase receipt will also be sent to email address used during signup process.

Step 2. Install AFK-Assistant Remote on your PC

Once you got your product downloaded, next step would be to install AFK-Assistant Remote on your PC.
You can preview installation process in the images below.


It is recommended to use all the default options during installation process.

After installation was successfully completed, please close the installer and run AFK-Assistant Remote using newly created desktop shortcut.

Step 3. Activate your product using provided license key

Now it’s time to activate the product.
You can find your AFK-Assistant Remote license key in the email confirmation sent after successful payment confirmation, or directly from the payment confirmation page.

Activation process is quite simple, as shown in the images below.

You will also need to allow the AFK-Assistant Remote app firewall access.
Upon starting the app for the first time, you will get a prompt window that enables this.


Please note, after entering your purchase email and license key you will need to restart the AFK-Assistant Remote desktop application.
After this, you will get prompted to allow this app through firewall. This is a necessary step in order to successfully create a remote connection.

Step 4. Getting remote access key and setting up time tracking timer button

Once AFK-Assistant Remote desktop application is successfully activated, you will need to restart the app.

After this step, you will get your remote access key.
Please note, you need to keep your remote access key secret and do not share it with anyone so that only you can access your AFK-Assistant Remote desktop application.

AFK-Assistant Remote access key

You can also see your remote access key at any time by right-clicking the AFK-Assistant Remote desktop application icon that runs in the tray.

AFK-Assistant Remote, right-click menu

Once you are notified about your remote access key, you will get notification about timer location not being set.

Setting up timer location is the next step.
We need to do this so that we can stop/start time tracking software remotely as well.

In this example, we will use Upwork time tracking application.

Please make sure that your time tracking software is currently focused/active window. 

Also, position the mouse cursor over the timer trigger button, and then press ALT+T to record the app name and timer trigger button position on the screen.

Time tracking software timer trigger button

As you can notice in the image above, this time tracking application is currently focused/active window (it is in the foreground), and mouse pointer is correctly positioned over the timer trigger button.

Now press ALT+T to record the app name (in this case, app name is “Upwork”) and timer trigger button location.

You will be notified that timer location has been saved. 

AFK-Assistant Remote desktop application now needs to restart in order to apply changes.

It is important to avoid changing timer position on the screen.

If time tracking trigger button position is changed, you will need to record the new position by clicking the timer window to make it focused/active and hovering the mouse pointer over the timer trigger button’s new location and then pressing ALT+T again to record a new position.

Also, when using remote features, you will need to keep your time tracking software window open at all times.
It does not have to run in the foreground, since AFK-Assistant Remote is smart enough to switch between windows until it finds your time tracking window so that it can stop/start the timer.

Step 5. Accessing your AFK-Assistant app remotely

Now that your AFK-Assistant app is running in the background/tray, we can start using these new features remotely.

There’s two ways to access the AFK-Assistant Remote app:

  1. Accessing AFK-Assistant using any browser
  2. Accessing AFK-Assistant using android app

Please note, our android app is not yet available in the Google Play Store.
However, you can download our official AFK-Assistant android app here.

Please use this page as only download source, so that you can be sure that it’s our official latest app release and not some copy.

Also, since this app is not yet available on the Play Store, you will need to allow installing apps from unknown sources

Even when installing Apps from Unknown sources, Google Play Protect will continue scanning Apps, looking for viruses, malware and blocking forbidden Apps.

We will use our official android app as an example here, but as mentioned above you can also use remote access without installing our android app.

Step 6. Connecting to AFK-Assistant desktop app remotely

First, let’ open the app and connect to AFK-Assistant remotely:

  1. Start the AFK-Assistant Remote android application
  2. Enter your remote access key
  3. Click “Connect” button

Step 7. Testing AFK-Assistant Remote functionality

Now that the app is connected, let’s test it out.

Click/tap “Start the mouse” button. You should see a notification in the android app about mouse being active, and your AFK-Assistant desktop app should start moving your mouse cursor randomly on the screen.


If everything is working correctly, we can now stop the AFK-Assistant remotely by tapping the “Stop AFK-Assistant” button.

You will also get a notification about the performed action.


How to use AFK-Assistant Remote correctly

To make the best use of AFK-Assistant Remote app, please follow these steps.

  1. Open up to 5 desktop app (no more than 5)
  2. Open Google Chrome as one of the 5 apps (there should be 5 app in total, including Chrome browser)
  3. Open up to 7 tabs in Chrome browser (no more than 7 browser tabs)
  4. Open you time tracking software and start tracking time by clicking the timer button
  5. If your timer location is not recorder, now would be a good time to hover the mouse over the timer button and press ALT+T to save the timer button location and timer app name
  6. Once all apps are open, start all AFK-Assistant features by pressing ALT+A

So far, this is the same exact way to use AFK-Assistant as with Enterprise and 2.0 edition.

Now, let’s test remote functionality by opening the AFK-Assistant Remote android app. 

Connect using your remote access key and tap “Stop everything” button.

You should see how AFK-Assistant features are stopped, and AFK-Assistant desktop app is switching through active windows in order to find your time tracking app and stop the timer.

Once the timer is stopped, you can also try activating all features, including timer, by pressing “Start everything” button.

If you need help, you can access this blog post from the app itself.

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