Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about AFK-Assistant.
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AFK-Assistant is a software that automates and mimics human activity on Windows PC.


It's main purpose is to "trick" time tracking software into thinking that someone is actively using PC, in order to prevent (among other things) annoying popup timer that is implemented by most time tracking tools.


Find out more by watching this short video: AFK-Assistant introduction

Some of the main AFK-Assistant features are:

  • Random, human-like cursor movements
  • Active, non-conflicting keyboard events
  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Focused app window switching (ALT+TAB)
  • Active browser tab change (Chrome)
  • Speed settings for each functionality
  • Runs in tray, with global shortcuts

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While it's quite difficult to successfully trick time tracking software to recognize cursor and keyboard activity, AFK-Assistant has a way around it.


Most time tracking tools are "smart" enough to notice software input and block or ignore such activity. However, this is not the case with AFK-Assistant.


With AFK-Assistant, all mouse and keyboard activity will be properly recorded by any time tracking tool, same as if being actively used by human.


Would you like to test it out for free? Start free trial for $0.

AFK-Assistant should not be recognized or shown in the list of used app as long as it is starts BEFORE any time tracking starts.


This is why we recommend leaving this option enabled while installing AFK-Assistant app.


By default, it will run on startup and should not be detected. However, there's one more option available.


All our customers can request custom app version, which uses different name and icon and has menu items disabled, without any change in pricing.


If you would like to order this custom version, please contact us by visiting our Contact page or by sending an email to [email protected]

No, we don't track any data from your PC or from AFK-Assistant app usage.
The only thing we check is the license key.

Currently, we only support Windows operating systems.

We offer free 14 days trial with $0 initial payment, which should be more than enough to evaluate the product.


For this reason, we don't offer refunds.


Additionally, if you cancel your subscription during trial period, your license key will remain active until that period expires.

If you have subscribed using PayPal, you can manage all your subscriptions from within your PayPal account.


If you have purchased a subscription using your credit card, please contact us and we'll cancel the subscription for you.

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