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What is AFK-MouseMover

AFK-MouseMover is a free, lightweight and fast mouse mover desktop application for Windows PC.

It is a simple Windows Forms application, written in C# (C Sharp) programming language, which makes it quite fast, with just a 166 kilobytes in size after installation.

It runs on both 32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems.

You can download AFK-MouseMover for free!

How does AFK-MouseMover work

Once you download and install AFK-MouseMover application on your Windows PC, you’ll be presented with an option to lunch the application after installation process. Your mouse mover application will run in system tray, with no unnecessary distracting windows.

Also, you get the option to have your mouse mover app run on Windows Startup. This means, every time your PC starts, AFK-MouseMover will start as well.

Since it’s a lightweight app build for Windows PCs, it will have almost no impact on system performance. You wont even know it’s there! 

AFK-MouseMover system load

As you can see in the image above, this mouse mover desktop app will only use up to 20MB of RAM memory and almost 0% of CPU power. Although it’s such a resource saver, it’s quite useful for anyone looking for a free Windows mouse mover desktop app.

Here’s how to install and use it:

Shortcut Keys:

Like our main products, AFK-Assistant, it uses similar key combination as shortcuts in order to START, STOP and QUIT the application.

Those shortcuts are:

  • ALT+M: Move mouse cursor randomly
  • ALT+X: Exit the cursor activity, but keep the AFK-MouseMover running in the background
  • ALT+Q: Quit AFK-MouseMover application (removes it from the tray and shortcut keys are unregistered)

Download AFK-MouseMover

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