AFK-Assistant Auto update: What’s new?

AFK-Assistant-Auto with settings - 2.0 update

Boost time tracking activity reports: Generate perfect activity reports with AFK-Assistant app settings Enter to Win Limited Time Rewards App settings are back and improved! AFK-Assistant Auto was released as a replacement for AFK-Assistant 2.0 edition, the only AFK-Assistant app that supported setting up custom parameters and changing how app behaves. However, in the meantime, …

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Introducing AFK-Assistant Auto


It detects when your PC is in idle state, and start working for you – automatically! Enter to Win Limited Time Rewards New feature: Auto-detect Some of our users have requested this feature, and it’s finally here! Automatic detection of PC idle state – it enables you to take a break from work by just …

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AFK-Assistant 2.0 Update: What’s new?

AFK-Assistant 2.0, user settings

NOTE: AFK-Assistant 2.0 is now replaced with much smarter AFK-Assistant Auto The most requested AFK-Assistant feature has just arrived. 2.0 update: User configurable speed settings One feature that has the most requests from AFK-Assistant community is finally available:Users can now set the speed for mouse activity, keyboard activity and scrolling – individually! How to …

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AFK-Assistant 1.1 Update: What’s new?

Minor update to performance and functionality Updated code for better handling repeated activation of events As we grow, we change. And, thanks to you guys, we change for the better. A big THANK YOU for that! We got some suggestions from users about the way in which AFK-Assistant is handling single functionality activation. For example, …

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DeskTime cheat: How to hack DeskTime app

Step-by-step instructions on how to trick DeskTime app. Enter to Win Limited Time Rewards Step 1: Meet your new assistant, AFK-Assistant First things first. In order to successfully trick any time tracking software, you would need a digital assistant of some kind.For this purpose, we would suggest our own pride and joy: AFK-Assistant. What makes …

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Free mouse mover for Windows

Enter to Win Limited Time Rewards What is AFK-MouseMover AFK-MouseMover is a free, lightweight and fast mouse mover desktop application for Windows PC. It is a simple Windows Forms application, written in C# (C Sharp) programming language, which makes it quite fast, with just a 166 kilobytes in size after installation. It runs on both 32bit …

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Hack Time Doctor with AFK-Assistant

Enter to Win Limited Time Rewards Step 1: Signup and download AFK-Assistant First step, signup for a AFK-Assistant subscription plan. All subscription plans include 14 days free trial, with no initial signup fees! After successful signup confirmation, you will be redirected to a confirmation page from where you can download AFK-Assistant and get your license …

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How to hack time tracking software

Enter to Win Limited Time Rewards Easy way to trick time tracking app AFK-Assistant Pricing & features Mouse Random, human-like cursor movements. Keyboard Active, non-conflicting keyboard events. Scrolling Horizontal and vertical bidirectional scrolling. Apps Focused app window switching (ALT+TAB). Browser Active browser tab changing (Chrome). Auto-detect Auto-detect and run when PC is idle. Most popular …

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