Introducing AFK-Assistant Auto

It detects when your PC is in idle state, and start working for you - automatically!

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New feature: Auto-detect

Some of our users have requested this feature, and it’s finally here!

Automatic detection of PC idle state – it enables you to take a break from work by just walking away from keyboard.
Here’s how it works.

As you might already know, all AFK-Assistant products are set to run when PC starts. This helps prevent time tracking software from detecting that AFK-Assistant is being used.

In the same way, AFK-Assistant Auto runs in the background when you turn on your PC, and is hidden in the tray.
What separates this edition from all other AFK-Assistant products is the “Auto-detect” feature.

With this new feature, you don’t need to use shortcuts to start AFK-Assistant functionality.

AFK-Assistant Auto will keep checking if your PC is being used or not.
And, if you are not using your computer for more than 1.5 minutes, AFK-Assistant Auto will automatically start all AFK-Assistant features:

  • Cursor movements
  • Keyboard activity
  • Scrolling
  • Browser (Chrome) tab switching
  • Focused app changing (ALT+Tab)

To stop AFK-Assistant functionality, you just press the ALT+X and you can continue using your PC.

Auto-detection of PC idle state will continue checking if your PC is being used or not.
So, if you need another break, you just leave your desk and AFK-Assistant Auto will take over.

This new feature is enabled by default, and can easily be turned off without the need to restart the app.
Just right-click the AFK-Assistant tray icon, and disable “Auto detect” feature from the context menu.

Afk-Assistant auto detect feature

Replacing AFK-Assistant 2.0 edition?!

Indeed, AFK-Assistant Auto is the replacement for AFK-Assistant 2.0 edition.
Here’s why.

AFK-Assistant 2.0 edition was offering a unique feature: Speed settings.

But, AFK-Assistant Auto is built for perfect activity reports. Which means testing and tweaking speed setting for each individual AFK-Assistant functionality, until the generated activity reports are undifferentiated from real, human activity.

Check out the screenshot from Time Doctor 2 activity report, entirely generated by AFK-Assistant Auto

Video demonstration coming soon.
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Now, leaving speed setting option available to our users might result in better than optimal activity reports.
Which is why this option is temporarily removed.

However, many interesting things coming in the future – including speed settings.
Keep reading.

Will speed settings feature return to AFK-Assistant products?

A big Yes! Speed settings feature will be available for all AFK-Assistant products, including:

  • AFK-Assistant Basic
  • AFK-Assistant Professional
  • AFK-Assistant Enterprise
  • AFK-Assistant Auto
  • AFK-Assistant Remote

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