AFK-Assistant: Remote access


Step by step instructions on how to setup and use AFK-Assistant remotely. AFK-Assistant Remote: What’s new? AFK-Assistant Remote comes with a new set of features that all power users will appreciate. This new version includes: All AFK-Assistant 2.0 edition features Remote access via browser or via AFK-Assistant android app Starting/stopping AFK-Assistant features remotely Starting/stopping time tracking …

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AFK-Assistant 2.0 Update: What’s new?

AFK-Assistant 2.0, user settings

The most requested AFK-Assistant feature has just arrived. 2.0 update: User configurable speed settings One feature that has the most requests from AFK-Assistant community is finally available:Users can now set the speed for mouse activity, keyboard activity and scrolling – individually! How to use speed settings? Each time an action is performed, AFK-Assistant 2.0 will …

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AFK-Assistant 1.1 Update: What’s new?

Minor update to performance and functionality Updated code for better handling repeated activation of events As we grow, we change. And, thanks to you guys, we change for the better. A big THANK YOU for that! We got some suggestions from users about the way in which AFK-Assistant is handling single functionality activation. For example, …

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