AFK-Assistant 1.1 Update: What’s new?

Minor update to performance and functionality

Updated code for better handling repeated activation of events

As we grow, we change. And, thanks to you guys, we change for the better.

A big THANK YOU for that!

We got some suggestions from users about the way in which AFK-Assistant is handling single functionality activation.

For example, activating mouse cursor movements (with ALT+M keyboard shortcut) is working fine ONLY IF activated once.
If the same functionality is activated repeatedly, it doesn’t work as expected and it needs to be stopped by repeatedly pressing ALT+X to exit the current activity.

Well, that’s no longer the case.

You can now start the same activity multiple times in a row, and stop all activity with a single ALT+X shortcut use.

In a real life example, activating mouse movements repeatedly will increase the “frequency of use” for that activity.
So, if you need MORE mouse or keyboard activity in your time tracking software reports, simply start the same activity multiple times.

Smaller file size

As a byproduct of the changes mentioned above, we now have smaller file size for all AFK-Assistant versions.

This is mostly due to code optimization and changes in the way that AFK-Assistant is now handling single events and loops.

Not for everyone

Since this is not a major update, most of you wont even need to make any changes.
Also, in every major update released, all changes will be included as well.

And, we do plan to make frequent updates and improvements to our app.

That being said, if you would like to use repeated activation functionality, please download your version by visiting our Downloads page.
Your license key should be recognized and work out of the box, but just in case you have any issues please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,
Your AFK-Assistant team

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