How to trick and cheat Time Doctor (in 2022)

Time management tool with a variety of web and email reports, providing information on how work time is spent.

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What exactly is Time Doctor?

Time Doctor is a software that monitors websites and applications that users use while working.

Employers and managers can obtain a report including this data. They can also get a report that lists potentially “poor-time-use” websites like social media sites and for how long they were used.

In their own words:

Time Doctor is an employee time tracking software that helps you and your team get a lot more done each day.

According to Wikipedia (

Time Doctor is a SaaS employee monitoring tool (launched by the owners of in 2012). It includes keystroke logging, screenshot and internet usage tracking features. A multi-functional employee monitoring application with CRM and white label capabilities.

Time Doctor employs around 60 people across 25 countries. It surpassed 1 million hours tracked each month in 109 countries in March 2015, three years after its start. Time Doctor was founded by Liam Martin and Rob Rawson.

Currently, this time monitoring program has over 140.000 users worldwide.

How much does it cost to use Time Doctor?

Time Doctor offers a 14 days free trial, with no need for credit card info. So, anyone can test this app’s functionality for free.

Apart from available free trial, this time tracking software is available as a monthly subscription, with each user in your organization paying \$10 per month.

What is the true purpose of this program?

The primary function of this employee tracking software is to allow users to track their work hours. It is said to boost your (or your company’s) productivity by up to 22%.

However, one could argue that the main targeting group of this company are employers, and not employees.

Those who use Time Doctor save an average of $37,000 a year in lost time

Judging by that quote alone, it’s quite obvious that this information is supposed to attract companies, organizations and employers. Of course, all that “saved” money is being deducted from employees work time with the help of this software and it’s time tracking functionality.

Minimize the loss by maximizing the efficiency, seems to be the purpose here.
But, there’s more here than meets the eye.

Of course, this program assists employers in making productivity-related decisions based on real-time data.

Time tracking software of this kind would allow businesses to track individual employee performance in order to “recognize accomplishment” and “intervene early.” This also makes it easier to create a hybrid working environment, having employees who work in the office and from home.

This time management software also keeps track of breaks and time spent away from the computer.

Can Time Doctor make you more productive and how?

Employees that are happy and satisfied are more productive.

Time Doctor allows employees to be happy by enabling them to work from any place, while preserving total transparency and accountability. They will choose the approach that is most convenient for both them and their company, whether it is work at home, in the workplace, or on the go.

When your employees realize how monitoring their time provides them with crucial information about their talents and limits (as well as when they are overworked and underutilized) they will be astounded at how efficient, independent, and self-directed they become.

By measuring and assessing how your team spends its time, offering assistance, and stepping in when needed, you’ll be able to be more active on each project. This data can also assist you in identifying top performers and increasing morale across the firm.

What kind of reports does Time Doctor generate?

Managers get daily and weekly reports that include work hours, website and application use, task and client breakdowns, and more. These insights aid in the detection and correction of productivity issues.

Staff also have access to their own time tracking information and may simply self-correct inefficient time management.

You can monitor how much time you spend on different programs and applications, as well as how much time you allocate to various websites.  You’ll be able to see whether someone is spending too much time on Facebook, YouTube or other social media platforms , for example.

If an employee remains inactive for a lengthy period of time or visits a non-work app or website, they will get pop-up messageAre you still working?

This time tracking software also monitors keyboard and mouse activity, allowing you to see whether individuals are really using their computers when they claim they are.

Task and Project Reports – These reports will show you which tasks and projects your team members worked on, as well as how long they worked on them. You may see these reports online or get them by email by logging into your Time Doctor account.

Screenshots – You can set Time Doctor to take screenshots of your workers’ PCs at a specific time interval.

Other Reports – Time Doctor includes a number of reports that might be beneficial. The “Websites and apps used” report is a popular report that shows you how much time your workers spend on certain websites and applications while at work.

You may access these reports at any time online, or you can select to get it regularly through email.

What are Time Doctor screenshots?

While your staff are working, Time Doctor will capture screenshots of their PC display. For a manager or HR professional, the process of evaluating these screenshots is incredibly easy.

Screenshots may be taken at any moment, or they can even be turned off entirely.

You may use this tool to keep track of what your team is doing and how they’re doing it, as well as identify where time is being wasted, diversions are occurring, and inefficiencies are actually happening.

Screenshots are only taken when your team members indicate that they are working, in order to prevent privacy concerns.

Can screenshots be disabled or deleted?

It is quite understandable how this feature (as well as website and app tracking) is creating most privacy concerns for employees. In fact, these kinds of reports are making users look for a way to disable or how to completely remove this functionality from their time tracking reports.

However, Time Doctor screenshots can only be turned of by the team manager, and not by regular/ordinary team members.

There is a way to delete individual screenshots within your Time Doctor dashboard, even for a regular user. But, this will also remove some of the time you tracked, leaving you with less time than actually spent working.

This is where AFK-Assistant helps the most – bringing back the balance between amount of work time dedicated “in office” and for “at home” workers.

It is not realistic to expect employees to be paid only for their effective work time, but rather for the hours spent at work and the progress made while working (no matter if they were in the office or working from home).

So, don’t just delete Time Doctor screenshots. Use AFK-Assistant instead, and save/keep the time you spent working.

Employee invoicing with Time Doctor?

Payroll may be computed automatically based on a predetermined salary or hours logged using Time Doctor.

Customer billing and employee pay may both be controlled to the minute.

Time Doctor on mobile phone?

Time Doctor works on PCs, tablets, and mobile phones, so it can be used anywhere you are.

The Time Doctor mobile app for Android and iPhone includes the same time-tracking features as the PC version.

What apps can Time Doctor connect/integrate with?

Time Doctor is compatible with JIRA, Asana, Trello, GitHub, Basecamp, Slack, Salesforce,, Todoist, Podio, QuickBooks, Freshdesk, Redmine, Google Apps, Zoho, Yammer, and other project management and accounting systems.

Does Time Doctor track websites I visit?

Yes. Reports from Time Doctor will reveal which websites are viewed and for how long.
These reports are accessible on the internet and may be sent weekly via email.

I am being tracked even when offline?

Yes. Even if you aren’t connected to the Internet, Time Doctor keeps track of your efforts. When the Internet connection is restored, the data will be synced. This occurs only if Time Doctor time monitoring is enabled.

How is Time Doctor different from other time tracking software?

Time Doctor measures time in REAL TIME – It’s tough to recall how much time you spent on particular jobs after you’ve done working. You don’t have to remember anything with Time Doctor since the time is monitored while you work.

Time Doctor reminds you to keep track of your time – Because other programs lack reminders, users often forget to start keeping track of their work time. Time Doctor also warns users not to monitor their time if they visit a website that isn’t relevant to their job (like social media sites).

When you leave the computer, Time Doctor automatically stops monitoring time. If time tracking doesn’t stop when you go on a break, you’ll likely forget when your break started, and your monitored hours won’t be correct. When there isn’t any keyboard or mouse action for a while, Time Doctor stops recording work period and allows users to declare whether or not they were working during that time.

Screenshots captured at regular intervals, levels of keyboard and mouse activity, and which websites and programs were utilized are some of the measures used by Time Doctor to validate whether the time recorded was genuine work.

Time Doctor does not enable you to “double book” your time, which means that if you schedule time for 1-3pm, you cannot schedule another activity for that time period. Most time tracking programs enable users to assign overlapping activities to the same time slot.

Can I use this software with hybrid teams?

Time Doctor works well for both remote and hybrid teams.

Companies need the same visibility and data for in-office teams as they have for remote teams to help identify top performers and establish standards for the rest of the team.

What are Workday Insights in Time Doctor?

Workday Insights from Time Doctor provide organizations unprecedented access into who is working and what they are working on in real time. Only by using a productivity and time monitoring tool like Time Doctor can this be quantified and gathered.

Managers can be certain that work is being done with this sort of actionable data, while workers may better manage their time and productivity.

Workday Insights allows you to keep track of:

  • Working hours by day, week, or month
  • Levels of daily productivity
  • Reporting on attendance
  • Observance of the schedule
  • Tracking activities in real time
  • Usage of websites and apps
  • Project timeframes
  • Projects and activities completed
  • Time spent working on projects
  • Screen capture and recordings
  • Idle time and time spent not working

Can Time Doctor be tricked?

Yes. Using AFK-Assistant desktop app, Time Doctor can be tricked.
Here’s how that works:

  1. Sign up for AFK-Assistant 10 days free trial
  2. Install and run AFK-Assistant software on your Windows, Mac or Linux device
  3. Start generating keyboard and mouse activity while away from keyboard

AFK-Assistant is a cross-platform desktop application which mimics human activity and helps users generate activity reports in any time tracking software.

Provided 10 days free trial will help you test the software for yourself, with $0 initial payment.
You can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked.

How does AFK-Assistant cheat Time Doctor?

Time Doctor, as any other time tracking software, creates activity reports by monitoring mouse and keyboard activity. These reports are then summarized and presented to employers.

AFK-Assistant helps you generate those activity reports while not actually using keyboard or mouse. Instead, mouse and keyboard are being “used” by AFK-Assistant software while you are on a break.

AFK-Assistant generated mouse and keyboard activity is then “recorded” by your time tracking software and saved together with “real” user generated input.

In this way, AFK-Assistant works for you while you are away from keyboard (AFK). This is quite like having a real, personal assistant.

Will AFK-Assistant activity be noticeably different?

No. All AFK-Assistant software editions are tweaked and tested in order to provide perfect activity reports.

Apart from that, there are app settings available which enable users to fine-tune the app behavior in order to create activity reports that better reflect the real user activity.

This means that you will be able to use AFK-Assistant no matter your workflow or job description. It is quite understandable that users with different job descriptions will have different activity reports generated, reflecting the actual mouse and keyboard activity while working.

AFK-Assistant settings option allows you to match those reports as close as possible.

Will Time Doctor be able to detect AFK-Assistant app?

No, AFK-Assistant will remain undetected as long as used correctly. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure that AFK-Assistant is started before any time tracking starts
  2. Open AFK-Assistant settings window only while not tracking time

AFK-Assistant application is always running in the background, and has no active windows.
This is why AFK-Assistant can’t be detected – because it is not actually “running”.

However, some users want to be absolutely sure that AFK-Assistant activity won’t be detected by their time tracking software, and there are some good news here as well:

Every AFK-Assistant user has a right to request a custom AFK-Assistant application, for the same price as official editions. Custom AFK-Assistant applications are using custom app name and icon. Detecting the activity of any such app cannot be linked to AFK-Assistant in any way.

To request custom AFK-Assistant application, simply get in touch with our support team and explain your app name request. Our support team is available to you 24/7.

How does AFK-Assistant handle Time Doctor screenshots?

AFK-Assistant can also help you hack Time Doctor without the need to worry about the screenshots.
Here’s how that works:

  • Using focused app switching feature, AFK-Assistant will switch between the open apps on your computer, making Time Doctor screenshots different
  • Using browser tab changing feature, AFK-Assistant will occasionally change the focused browser tab, also resulting in difference between screenshots taken by your time monitoring software
  • With bi-directional horizontal and vertical mouse scrolling, Time Doctor screenshots will look different even if the focus is switched back to the same open app or browser tab

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